Monday, January 30, 2006

Some TV talk

As always there might be some spoilers in here.

24 has been great so far this year, more happened in the first 15 minutes of the first episode than happens in a month on most dramas. It looks like this season will have a more believable storyline than the over the top cartoonish terrorist threats from last year, but I suppose that could change at any moment.

I'm super happy to have The Shield back, although I seem to remember reading somewhere that this season was only going to be 11 episodes which is somewhat depressing but it's better than none I suppose. Forrest Whitaker is great as an Internal Affairs lieutenant who is out to take Vic down for a murder he committed all the way back in the series pilot, a dangling plot thread I figured they'd just forgotten about. It's going to be great when he and Vic finally go head to head.

For anyone out there who Still isn't watching My Name is Earl, you are missing the funniest most original show since Arrested Development (which a few stations appear to be trying to pick up now that Fox doesn't want it). Watch My Name is Earl, trust me, unless your funny bone is broken you won't be disappointed.

Smallville came through with a solid outing for their 100th episode, but I'll miss John Schneider, although he has apparently filmed scenes for some upcoming episodes.

Boston Legal has been better than ever the last few weeks with guest star Michael J. Fox and the return of Betty White. This is another show that not enough people are watching, it really is quality TV.

Still haven't caught up on Lost and I'm in no big hurry to.

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