Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ask Jason Anything IX

You know the drill by now. You ask the questions, I supply the answers on Thursday.


5 Things I like right now...

I figured I'd give some of my current favourite things a plug...I'm sure all involved will be thrilled for the free advertising on this immensely popular and traffic laden website. In no particular order...
  1. My iPod - push play, put on headphones, annoying co-workers disappear.
  2. Heroes - NBC, Monday nights. If you aren't watching the best new show this year you are missing out.
  3. Penn Radio - available as a free podcast the day after it airs on regular radio, Penn Jillette's daily radio show is an always entertaining hour in which you never know if you'll hear a discussion on American politics or stories about monkeys (I suppose the 2 could be covered on one show).
  4. This American Life - The best show on public radio is now available for free through iTunes.
  5. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - The smartest drama on network TV today will likely be cancelled this week and that makes me sad. Remember kids, the vast majority of people don't like biting satire or polysyllabic words.


Douche of the Week: A bit delayed

Ya, I should have done this last week, but this piece of shit is still a giant douche, Rush Limbaugh. This time the bloated, drug addicted, Jabba the Hutt looking pile of verbal diarrhea decided to rip in to Michael J. Fox, claiming that he was both A) faking his Parkinson's symptoms and B) Claiming he was only in favour of stem cell research because it would help him. Well, A) I hope you get Parkinson's you whale so you can see what the symptoms are really like and B) No Shit, Sherlock. Would there be a Michael J. Fox foundation if he didn't have Parkinson's? Likely not, but that doesn't make him any less sincere about wanting to find a cure for a horrible disease. You will find that most people who work the hardest for causes have been personally effected by whatever it is they are trying to solve. That doesn't make them wrong. Do the world a favour, go home and get you maid to score some more hillbilly heroin for you and swallow the whole bottle.


I'mmmmmmmm Back

okay okay okay, enough of the grief (from all 3 of my readers), my vacation from blogging is over. On to some new posts.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Personal Grooming Tips from Andy Kaufman


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ask Jason Anything VIII: Answers

Another week of answers to your questions...

G writes:
Why does Coke taste so much better from a glass bottle as opposed to a plastic bottle or aluminum can? Also---why do they not sell glass bottle cokes all year round?

Chemically speaking the glass doesn't add anything to the coke. Plastic and the finish inside aluminum cans both dissolve somewhat into the coke very slightly altering the recipe and affecting the taste. Glass coke bottles are available year round, you just have to know where to look. The cost of the packaging makes them more expensive than plastic or cans and thusly your local convenience store doesn't carry them. Try a specialty candy store.

Gwenhwyfar writes:
What's your opinion of Superman?
Also, what do you think of Harvey Birdman?
Superman is very time and writer dependant. I like the young unsure of himself Superman from Smallville or the excellent Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale Superman for All Seasons. But once he got older and figured out just how powerful he is, why are there still villains (or despots for that matter) out there? Seriously, he's freakin' Superman. He could clean up the whole planet in a week but he doesn't. I think he's a glory hound who likes seeing his name in the paper every day. Birdman rocks.

Amanda writes:
Why do chicken caesar pitas taste so damned good?
This was a first for Ask Jason Anything. I've never eaten a chicken caesar pita so I went and got one for lunch today and I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you, I didn't think it tasted that good at all. I've been eating a lot of chicken caesar salads lately and this pita wasn't a good substitute at all. I got mine from the Pita Pit, do you get these good tasting ones somewhere else?

Holly writes:
What should I be for halloween at work?
The scariest thing possible at Access, Sasktel president and CEO Robert Watson.


Abraham Lincoln Portrait


Douche of the Week

There were many possibilities this week, but the award has to go to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. If for no other reason than his ridiculous hair cut. Hey Kim Jong Douche how about you try feeding your people instead of compensating for your tiny Asian prick by sabre rattling with George Bush. Great, you've got a couple of little nuclear weapons that apparently don't work correctly and he has 6000 that do work. Why don't you take a lesson from the Chinese and make friends with the US and take their money, Americans love to buy shoddily made Asian crap.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Review: 2nd Generation iPod Nano

This thing freakin' rocks. I've been using it tons and can't find anything to complain about. I plug it into the computer in the morning when I get home from work and it deletes all the podcasts that I listened to the night before, while iTunes downloads fresh new podcasts and copies them on to the iPod. Battery life is phenomenal, I listen to the thing for probably 10 hours every night and I've yet to see the battery indicator drop below 50%. It has a few features I wasn't expecting like an address book, clock and stop watch. If you are looking for an MP3 player you would be hard pressed to find something better.


Ask Jason Anything VIII

I wasn't going to bother doing Ask Jason Anything this week as it hasn't been as popular as I'd hoped in recent weeks but I have a question asked any way so I might as well make it official. So go ahead and ask some questions. Answers tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Daily Show Classic - from Regina


Friday, October 06, 2006

What celebretard do you look like?

It's the site that's taking the internet by storm, using highly complex facial recognition software to show you what celebrity it thinks you look like.

I submitted this picture:

And it came back with these most likely matches.

Clearly they don't have Marc Price aka Skippy from Family Ties in their database


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ask Jason Anything VII: Answers

Here are the answers to this weeks questions

Once again, the mail bag was quite light this week. Oh well just makes it easier for me.

Gwenwyfar writes:

Why does everyone insist on going 50 down Vic now that they've upped the speed limit to 70?
Because 98.7% of the people in this city have no idea how to drive a car, and I think it gets worse by the week. Regina drivers will win Douche of the Week on of these weeks, mark my word.
Are you required to be a pompous asshole in order to be a specialist or is it just a perk?
I think it's just a perk that comes with the job. Doctor shortage + skills = ability to be an ass. Had another exciting trip to the doctor's office this week, didja?


Post #300 - A new feature

I figured that for my 300th post on this blog I should do something special and thus a new weekly feature is born. Each week I will choose one deserving individual to be the Douche of the Week.

This week the award goes to US senate majority leader Bill Frist who managed to sneak his anti-online gambling bill through the senate by paper clipping it to a port security bill. Once the president signs off on the bill it will become illegal within 270 days for US financial institutions to transfer money to any online gambling site (and the narrow minded twits regard poker as "gambling" not the skill game that it actually is). So for ruining the fun of millions of potential voters (in an election year, you moron) you get the award this week. Stick it someplace uncomfortable. I'm going to miss cleaning out the Americans at the online poker tables.


Monday, October 02, 2006

New Weird Al Video, "White and Nerdy"


Ask Jason Anything VII

If you don't know the drill by now check out some of the previous Ask Jason Anything posts. As always answers on Thursday.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Ultimate Car Wash