Sunday, March 19, 2006

I think her head will explode soon

Our dear friend Val has been updating this page almost daily

"For my sin of opposing Howard Stern, XXX XXXXX called me the following on the Stern fan site which is a public forum (and I have these all saved to pdfs): "c**t, out of touch bitch, fucking nut, fucking kook, fucking crazy, fucking loony" and a "mentally impaired bitch"."

XXX is the person who posts on Stern Fan Network as Jakyll, just as a refresher, here is what Val originally had to say about him:

Jakyll is a computer geek who started his own business last year in a small city about an hour northeast of Toronto. He maintains his own vanity web site on which he posts pictures of himself. He looks more like a herd animal than a Jakyll, but everyone is entitled to their Walter Mitty fantasies."

Geez, I can't figure out why he would have less than favourable things to say about you Val, what with your kind and friendly demeanor towards him and all.

Some recent quotes from her and my take on them:

"Funding: I fund my own lobbying efforts and have for 15 years. I like it that way. It gives me independence. But, by all means, spend time trying to find the "agencies" that fund me. Maybe it'll keep you out of trouble."

Translation: Even the other kook organizations opposed to having a free and open society think that I'm too big of a kook to deal with.

"Howard News has emailed me three times wanting to talk to me about various issues (requests denied)."

Translation: I'm far to much of a coward to actually engage in a debate with anyone. I'll just sit here behind my computer posting on my site that doesn't allow people to respond, and ignoring any email that is sent my way from anyone who doesn't 100% share my opinion.

Now if this isn't enough to convince you that she is a special kinda crazy check this shit out here. She claims to have enlisted the aid of Jack Thompson to send a cease and desist order to the Stern Fan Network website. For those not in the know, Jack is essentially the American version of Val, except that he actually has a law degree and isn't a coward when it comes to being in the media. Getting back to our story however, Mutt, the owner of Stern Fan Network hasn't received any such letter. Gee Val, now you make idle threats and try and use someone with a well known name and huge media profile to back them up? Maybe you should have let Jack in on this little game of yours first so that he could have actually sent a letter. I'm sure he would have been glad to as he seems just as opposed to the First Amendment to the US Constitution as you are to Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Why don't you just let it drop Val? You basically already won. Howard Stern isn't available on the open airwaves where any impressionable youths might hear it. It's on a subscription based service that you need to have a credit card to purchase and the last I checked minors don't carry plastic. Let those of us who want to hear Howard, hear him. What exactly are you afraid of?


Gwenhwyfar said...

I think she's afraid of not having something to fight about. Her whole existance revolves around this kind of negative attention and conflict.
It's almost sad. She obviously one of those poor people born into a life of mediocrity and is struggling, desperately (oh so very desperately), to be some one special.

Jason Doan said...

I've come to the belief that no one actually reads her insane musings. The guy whose real name she found out and whose personal web page she linked to apparently only got a dozen or so more hits that day than it normally does, and at least 1 of those was mine and I'm certainly not on her side...I wouldn't be shocked if all the others were also traffic that got there from the Stern Fan Network and none of them were actually from Val's followers (if such a creature exists).

Anonymous said...

Love the blog Jason. Keep up the good fight against Val. You've inspired me to do the same on my blog.