Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A new post...

Ya, I've been a little lax in posting lately. So sue me.

Things I've been watching or listening to lately.

TV - Currently watching the following, all of which I recommend you should be watching as well. Dexter, Heroes, Studio 60, Boston Legal, CSI: New York, Jericho, Show Me The Money, CSI and My Name is Earl. Anxiously awaitng the start of a new season for Sleeper Cell, 24 and The Shield.

Movies - Went and saw Borat a couple of weeks ago. Verrrrry Nice. Saw The Fountain opening night. The only word that comes to mind is "horrendous". Saw Casino Royale this weekend, without a doubt the best bond movie since Sean Connery had brown hair. Watched Domino on DVD, it was okay, just go annoyed when they turned what was a supposedly based on real events story and turned it into a Die Hard sequel.

Music - Currently rocking the iPod in heavy rotation are the new Beatles album, Love, and Matisyahu's sophomore studio album, Youth. That's right I'm an atheist who listens to Hassidic Jewish Reggae. I'm complex.

Video Games - Playing the shit out of Need For Speed: Carbon on my PS2. Man I want to unleash some my 'l33t driving skillz in the real world. I don't think my 4 door sedan would handle as well as the Porsche or Lotus I have in the game though.

Food - Well, 30th birthday week was "skip the diet a little every day week", so I had a bunch of food that I hadn't eaten since the summer, including cheesecake, french fries and pizza. Still no Mickey D's, she who can't be named in this blog keeps saying that has to wait until Valentine's Day. All in all it wasn't to detrimental to the waistline, I put on 3 pound over the week. I'm currently floating around 287 lbs. 37 more lbs until I can jump out of an airplane.

That's what's new here. What's new with everyone else?

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Gwenhwyfar said...

I have a headache, not that's anything new, but you asked.