Monday, February 26, 2007

J. Doan makes fun of celebrities...

Ahhh, the Oscars, the time of year when celebrities traditionaly wander around looking as though they are on their way to some sort of halloween party. Unfortunatly this year no one looked ridiculously bad. Still I shall endeavour to make snarky comments anyway.

Casino Royale's Eva Green hopes to take home the award for "Most Goth look at an award show"

J.Lo shows up accompanied by her husband, Gollum.

Meryl Streep didn't have time to change after her karate class.

The class is taught by Quincy Jones.

"37 flamingos had to die to make this dress, I hope everyone likes it", thought Penelope Cruz.

Abigail Breslin prepares to smash Dakota Fanning in the head with a brick in hopes of getting some of the juicy roles she is hogging.***Make up your own great boobs are a gift joke.***

In attendance to support The Queen was Sir Winston Churchill. Oh wait, never mind. That's Mickey Rooney."Hi, I'm Gwyneth. I used to be a famous actress."

Wolfgang Puck fears that no one will know who he is if he isn't wearing a Chef's coat and carrying a tray of food.

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