Monday, September 26, 2005

Another week, more TV...

I now know that at least one person is reading my mindless drivel so I shall continue prattling on about nothing in particular. My goal for the week will be to have two people tell me that they like my shit.

Feeling a little under the weather on Friday night I didn't make it to the Rider game, but I did watch it on the tube. Another excellent game (except on the part of the refs, as per usual) sees the boys in green extend their winning streak to 4 games, of course it would have been nice if the Lions didn't shit the bed against the Esks, but oh well.

CSI:NY didn't end up having their season premiere last weeks, due to the world needing to stop and listen to a speech made by the self appointed leader and moral compass of the free world, George W. Bush. Hopefully we'll get to see a new episode this week.

Haven't got around to watching my recorded copy of CSI yet so I can't comment on that either...this is an exciting blog entry, eh? :P

I did watch Lost and as predicted all we got was a bunch more questions, no answers, no sign of Michael, Jin or Sawyer...only a brief glimpse of Walt, although it might not have been Walt at all. Apparently the hatch leads into some sort of museum of 80's artifacts, I really hope they find a Rubic's Cube in there, because if I was trapped on a remote island with no real chance of being rescued I'd want a Rubic's Cube.

Currently the show I most look forward to every week other than Lost is Weeds which I am forced to download because Canada sucks and we can't get Showtime (nor HBO) here because of a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit. It's a half hour drama/comedy about a widowed suburban soccer mom who becomes the weed hookup in her perfect little suburb to make ends meet. If you have the ability to watch this show I give it my highest recommendation.

Downloaded the two most recent episodes of this years World Series of Poker and I'd like to say how glad I am that the Main event isn't Limit 7 Card Stud. My god what a horrendously boring game that is to watch. Don't get me wrong, I love playing it, but it has to be the worst variant of poker there is to watch other people play. If all the big $10K buy in events were Limit 7 Card Stud, the big poker boom we are experiencing right now would have never happened.

Corner Gas wasn't quite as entertaining this week as last, but it was still great.

Two more season premieres this week of shows I never miss. First up is the now on Tuesday night, Boston Legal. I like this show more and more every time I see it and I think it was really hitting it's stride before being yanked a little prematurely last season to make room for Grey's Anatomy. The additions of Candace Bergen and Betty White really rounded out the cast nicely. Hopefully James Spader and William Shatner both winning the Emmy in their respective categories will clue ABC into what a great show they have.

Also changing time slots this year we find the season premiere of Smallville on Thursday night. Yes I am giant nerd and yes I do religiously watch Superman: 90210....wanna make something of it?


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