Sunday, September 11, 2005


Alright people we have links!

These are all sites I visit constantly throughout the day.

  • CNN and Google News: These are pretty self explanatory, everyone should make a small effort to keep up with current events
  • Two Plus Two Publishing: The publishers of some of the finest poker books on the market, and home of the best poker discussion forum on the internet, reading the posts on this site daily will make you a better poker player.
  • 13thman/Riderfans: CFL Football baby...we've got bigger balls.
  • D&D minis: A miniature wargame that has become my latest obsession.
  • Newsarama/CBR: together they provide all the info you could want on the world of comic books
  • comicreaders: The best damn comic shop in town and constant sink for my paycheque.

I also included a list of the comic strips I read online everyday.

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