Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ask Jason Anything 5: Answers

Here we go with this weeks answers. Thanks for all the questions.

Gwenhwyfar writes:

Know anyone who'd want to have some make-up done and pictures taken?
I don't know anyone that would do that willingly, I can think of several people I would like to see tortured by you doing a life mask of them and such. Reid Would in fact make an excellent faced boy, and really it would only require about 20 minutes of make-up.
Who's your favourite super hero?
Spider-man, the flawed everyman who had great powers thrust upon him and used them to do good instead of the much easier and more tantalizing evil.
Where be yer burried treasure?
Garrrrrrrh, I can't be telling you that lass, now stay your tongue before I have you keel hauled.

Anonymous writes:
Why do daytime soaps suck so hard?
Because they are only watched by bored women who can't tell good story telling from a hole in the ground. This allows soap producers to hire any schmuck off the street and the cheaper they'll work the better.

Sludge writes:
Do you think Val will pay attention to you nowe that Macheson has deleted his blog entries about her?
I doubt that Val wants to enter into a battle of wits with me. It would be like Lennox Lewis boxing Mr. Rogers.
Do you think Val has harrier armpits than me?
I'm going to guess that she doesn't, but I've never seen either one of your armpits so I could be wrong.
Do you think Val's testicles stink?
Even the most annoying joyless woman doesn't have testicles so by default I'd guess she doesn't suffer from stinky balls.
Why do farts smell more/better in the shower?
A combination of the confined space and the heat of the shower water causing an updraft that pushes those wonderful aromas straight to your nose.

Holly writes:
Why does Darryn suck so hard?
I expect it has something to do with his parents giving him a girls name.
Why does it take so long for them to fill your prescription at the pharmacy?
Some ancient riddles are too hard for even the great Jason to answer.
What is the sound of one hand clapping?
The noise the drummer from Def Leppard makes when he like something?

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