Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Seriously, She needs to get a life.

Good old Kooky Val has updated her Stern Fans page 6 days in a row now. Let's take a look at some of her new pearls of wisdom. Names have been redacted to protect the innocent victims of Val's campaign of hatred (oooooohh, how'd you like that spin move?)

September 8: Interesting thing I discovered today. A guy named ********* and Sludge have the same IP address. Hmmm... what are the odds they're not the same person. Oh, none! Stats are up for this page, but I think it's probably ******* checking in every five minutes to see if I've posted his mug shot along with Dumb and Dumber. Not yet, *******, but do stay tuned.
Uh oh, after only 6 months of investigation she has deduced sludge's real name, but what could she possibly do with that information?
****** ****** - come on down! The beauty of knowing Sludge's real identity is this: I can, should I feel it's necessary -- and the option is entirely mine -- apply for a peace bond to keep him away from me, file a private information (look it up), file a human rights complaint (a hate campaign using the Internet is right up their alley and they award damages), file a civil lawsuit, stuff like that. I did what you're supposed to do when harassed on the Internet, I reported it to the police. Unfortunately, as mentioned on the Industry Canada website, the police can do little about cyber bullying, which is another name for what ****** ********, ***** ********* and ****** ******* have been up to. However, there are other options once you know the identity of the bully. Thanks for sending me that email, ******. Absolutely brilliant.
Okie Dokie, I have my doubts about the court giving you a peace bond against someone who has never threatened you in any way nor ever been within 5KM of you either. File a human rights complaint? It isn't a hate crime to hate an individual person, but good luck with that. File a lawsuit? Good way to prove that you aren't an opponent of free speech, just sue anyone who voices a differing opinion.
And ******* ******, who, it turns out actually is a teacher, the Ontario Ministry of Education has policies on bullying which include cyber bullying. You really should look them up. Possibly, teachers are exempt, but I think that's entirely unlikely. Afterall, you're supposed to be setting an example
Wow, threatening the financial security of someone who disagrees with you. Can I get your mailing address? I'd like to send you a container of polish so you can put a nice shine on your jack boots.
September 9: Apparently, ****** ****** hasn't been reading the memos. Cyber bullying includes postings to chat groups, you know, like the one ****** ****** started about me back in February? Ringing any bells, ********? The one that contains what reporter Al Cairns called "a series of profane and vile chat entries" about me, the one that made me concerned enough about the content to report it to police, the one that contains comments the Attorney General calls "very disturbing"? You know, the chat group you've been posting to since it started on day one? Yeah, Acheson, that one.
Actually I believe that letter says "The types of comments you've received" not "The types of things people write about you on the Internet". But please feel free to point out any case law where someone has been convicted of cyber bullying for things posted to a publicly accessible forum.

September 12: I posted a comment to ****** ****** blog which he promptly deleted. Strange that, since he invited me to contact him directly, plus he's such a big defender of free speech. The nice thing is, he also deleted all his own postings about me. Gee, was it something I said?
I'm sad that your thug tactics do seem to have silenced a voice with a dissenting opinion to that of yours, but I can understand his not wanting to risk his teaching job in a fight with a kook. Teacher's these days are always under a microscope and school boards seem quick to dismiss one rather than deal with any static from the public. I hope you are proud of yourself.

September 13: ***** ******** is implying on his blog that I would hurt his little boy. Like I said, the Internet really brings out the stupid in people.
This from the person who voiced a concern in one of the largest circulating daily papers in the country that because of her views horrible things could happen to anyone with the misfortune of having the incredibly uncommon name Valerie Smith. Yep that Internet really does bring out the stupid.

Once again Val, maybe you should just let the whole thing drop. None of your high profile attempts at censoring speech, music or film have ever worked out in your favour. Eminem has played concerts in Canada. Rap music is still available at HMV. Hardcore pornography is still available on every cable and satellite system in the country and Howard Stern is still available legally in this great country. I suggest that you may want to retire and take up knitting but you'd probably end up making a bunch of one armed sweaters and 3 fingered gloves. You just can't ever seem to get anything right.


Gwenhwyfar said...

And still no mention of you! Sheesh! What's a guy got to do to piss this woman off?
Apparently you're still too PC and I, for one, am very disappointed.

sludge said...

I think you probably made her shit list today. Especially now that Macheson deleted his entries about her.
Be careful what you wish for, she will try to press charges if you almost break any laws.

Anonymous said...

You can check if I'm the extra traffic now J.