Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How to Airbrush your photos in Photoshop!

An excellent tutorial showing you step by step how to get that professional airbrushed look.

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bzarhands said...

Totally off topic of this post, but I just wanted to let you know that the story of your ingrown hair taught me a lesson that apparently stuck with me. When the back of my mouth started painfully swelling up yesterday, I decided that rather than "wait for it to go away" (my default approach to physical problems), I would stop in with a dentist just to get some advice. I found out that I was the proud owner of an abscessed wisdom tooth, which was promptly lanced and drained. Given that the even the dentist said, "wow" after seeing it after just a few hours of growth, I can't imagine how much pain I would have been had I left it. Just wanted to let you know that--in addition to scoring strange hits from Google--your story of suffering accomplished some good. Thanks for it. :)

Jason Doan said...

Thanks bzar, it's feels good to know that I managed to teach something to a teacher :P