Monday, June 26, 2006

Senility has set in.

Now Val is just babbling incoherently. Here is her latest post, I swear it has not been altered in any way and is reproduced here in it's entirety:
June 24: I read a phrase recently regarding the odious Shock magazine that immediately made me think of Howard Stern. To paraphrase somewhat, they can dress him up in haute couture, but all he'll ever be is a pig in a party dress. Stern's Columbine comments illustrate that perfectly.

Gah? So she is now so low on things to say but feels the need to comment anyway that she is taking a quote from a random source that she doesn't give, paraphrasing it, and then applying it to another topic? Why even bother?
June 26th: I took a crap today. It reminded of Val's debate skills. To paraphrase somewhat, it stinks, and sometimes no matter how many times you flush it just won't go away.


Ben said...

I'm imagining Stern wearing a snout and a dress....that just might be the next cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Baba booie baba booie baba booie!

sludge said...

Your shits are probably more intelligent than Val

Jason Doan said...

What do you mean probably?