Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Photoshop practice

This is my first attempt at airbrushing using the tutorial below. I used a picture from a swimsuit mail order site as I needed a picture taken in bright light and I didn't seem to have anything suitable on my hard drive. This particular picture is an amateur photograph sent in by a customer as part of a contest. I think it turned out pretty well (you can click the pictures to see larger versions). Now I'll say right now that my photoshop skills could be described as intermediate at best (and even that's being generous), and this took me about 45 minutes, and I think makes quite an improvement, not that there was any great flaw with this girl to begin with. So imagine what a photoshop master can do in an hour starting with a professionally lit and photographed model. I'll never believe my eyes when flipping through a magazine again.

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