Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Post #100

And guess what, kooky Val updated her kooky website just in time for me to write my 100th post on this here blog.

This time she proves that despite claiming to be an adult that she doesn't have the reading comprehension level of the average 12 year old. In response to Roger's Cable announcing today that they will be carrying HowardTV (Howard Stern's On Demand channel), Val writes:
"June 7: Rogers Cable has announced it will carry Howard TV. They're also going to censor it to conform to Canadian broadcasting standards."

Here's the actual quote from Rogers website (I've highlighted the key words to help the reading impaired uber right wing conservative nut jobs):

Q. Is Howard Stern really uncensored?
A.The Howard Stern episodes are all available in the original format provided to Rogers. This means nudity, swearing and other mature dialogue and situations will be shown with no overt censorship. Please note that if a program fails to meet Canadian Broadcast Standards due to abusive comments or undue discrimination or for another legal reason which fails a Canadian Broadcast Standard - Rogers will be forced to remove the affected episode.
So as long as nothing in the episode hits the level of hate speech, they will be completely uncensored. And given that nothing on the show ever hits the level necessary to be legally deemed hate speech, even with Canada's incredibly conservative definition of what is and isn't, I can't see any episode ever getting pulled. But hey, nice try at raining on people's parades Val.

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