Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ask Jason Anything VII: Answers

Here are the answers to this weeks questions

Once again, the mail bag was quite light this week. Oh well just makes it easier for me.

Gwenwyfar writes:

Why does everyone insist on going 50 down Vic now that they've upped the speed limit to 70?
Because 98.7% of the people in this city have no idea how to drive a car, and I think it gets worse by the week. Regina drivers will win Douche of the Week on of these weeks, mark my word.
Are you required to be a pompous asshole in order to be a specialist or is it just a perk?
I think it's just a perk that comes with the job. Doctor shortage + skills = ability to be an ass. Had another exciting trip to the doctor's office this week, didja?


Gwenhwyfar said...

Would it answer your question if I told you I'm now up to about 14 pills a day?

jensucks said...

Dearest Jason,

Why does Coke taste so much better from a glass bottle as opposed to a plastic bottle or aluminum can? Also---why do they not sell glass bottle cokes all year round?