Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Douche of the Week: A bit delayed

Ya, I should have done this last week, but this piece of shit is still a giant douche, Rush Limbaugh. This time the bloated, drug addicted, Jabba the Hutt looking pile of verbal diarrhea decided to rip in to Michael J. Fox, claiming that he was both A) faking his Parkinson's symptoms and B) Claiming he was only in favour of stem cell research because it would help him. Well, A) I hope you get Parkinson's you whale so you can see what the symptoms are really like and B) No Shit, Sherlock. Would there be a Michael J. Fox foundation if he didn't have Parkinson's? Likely not, but that doesn't make him any less sincere about wanting to find a cure for a horrible disease. You will find that most people who work the hardest for causes have been personally effected by whatever it is they are trying to solve. That doesn't make them wrong. Do the world a favour, go home and get you maid to score some more hillbilly heroin for you and swallow the whole bottle.

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Gwenhwyfar said...

I couldn't fucking believe it when I read about this. What kind of mentally stunted fuckwit rips on someone with a disease? Seriously?
Why didn't he just follow that shit up with telling people in wheelchairs to get off their lazy asses and stop faking it, we all know they just want good parking spaces? And then maybe force feeding sugar to the diabetics? Then he could have topped it all off by telling people with tourettes to knock it off because no one thinks it's funny.
Fucking douche bag.