Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ask Jason Anything VIII: Answers

Another week of answers to your questions...

G writes:
Why does Coke taste so much better from a glass bottle as opposed to a plastic bottle or aluminum can? Also---why do they not sell glass bottle cokes all year round?

Chemically speaking the glass doesn't add anything to the coke. Plastic and the finish inside aluminum cans both dissolve somewhat into the coke very slightly altering the recipe and affecting the taste. Glass coke bottles are available year round, you just have to know where to look. The cost of the packaging makes them more expensive than plastic or cans and thusly your local convenience store doesn't carry them. Try a specialty candy store.

Gwenhwyfar writes:
What's your opinion of Superman?
Also, what do you think of Harvey Birdman?
Superman is very time and writer dependant. I like the young unsure of himself Superman from Smallville or the excellent Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale Superman for All Seasons. But once he got older and figured out just how powerful he is, why are there still villains (or despots for that matter) out there? Seriously, he's freakin' Superman. He could clean up the whole planet in a week but he doesn't. I think he's a glory hound who likes seeing his name in the paper every day. Birdman rocks.

Amanda writes:
Why do chicken caesar pitas taste so damned good?
This was a first for Ask Jason Anything. I've never eaten a chicken caesar pita so I went and got one for lunch today and I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you, I didn't think it tasted that good at all. I've been eating a lot of chicken caesar salads lately and this pita wasn't a good substitute at all. I got mine from the Pita Pit, do you get these good tasting ones somewhere else?

Holly writes:
What should I be for halloween at work?
The scariest thing possible at Access, Sasktel president and CEO Robert Watson.

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