Thursday, October 05, 2006

Post #300 - A new feature

I figured that for my 300th post on this blog I should do something special and thus a new weekly feature is born. Each week I will choose one deserving individual to be the Douche of the Week.

This week the award goes to US senate majority leader Bill Frist who managed to sneak his anti-online gambling bill through the senate by paper clipping it to a port security bill. Once the president signs off on the bill it will become illegal within 270 days for US financial institutions to transfer money to any online gambling site (and the narrow minded twits regard poker as "gambling" not the skill game that it actually is). So for ruining the fun of millions of potential voters (in an election year, you moron) you get the award this week. Stick it someplace uncomfortable. I'm going to miss cleaning out the Americans at the online poker tables.

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