Monday, April 10, 2006


Welcome to all the new visitors I got when I posted a link to this site on Stern Fan Network today. Sorry there isn't much Howard content here but really, what could I possibly post about Howard that doesn't already have 17 threads devoted to it on SFN. I try to update this blog a couple of times a week, mostly when something strikes me as being interesting or infuriating and I hope you enjoy it. I allow anonymous comments on my blog so please feel free to state your opinion on anything I've written.

Here's your wacky Val Quote for today:

"Gee, this page is proving popular with visitors. They can't all be from the Stern Fan Network, although they do seem to check in somewhat obsessively. I don't get the volume the SFN gets, but I do have a slightly more diverse readership. "

A) I highly doubt that your readership is more diverse than that of a site like SFN that has thousands of registered members from all over the world.

B) You aren't the only one who reads your logs from time to time. I know you read my site Val. Hope you enjoyed it. But why no mention on your page? I'd love to get those 3 extra hits that Jakyll got when you linked to his website.


Anonymous said...

Your site will start to get more traffic than hers soon J. Notice how she doesn't have a comment section for her stupid site. I can just imagine the comments she would get. I doubt anyone has every looked at that site without being some what offended by something.

crazybarefeet said...

Does she have an actual job?

Jason Doan said...

I read in an atricle about her from a few yars ago that she worked for the Elizabeth Fry Society. I don't know if that is still accurate or not but I suspect that it probabbly is.