Sunday, April 09, 2006


We present today another installment of "Val has her head up her ass".

This week she posted on her Stern fans are evil page this article which has absolutely nothing to do with Howard Stern, the Stern Fan Network site, Radio, obscenity or anything else she has ever posted about. She also adds the comment that this is "Good news for victims of cyber bullies."

I'm sure she was trying to make some point about how people should leave her alone online lest they feel the wrath of the almighty Canadian legal system, but really she should have read the article if that was the point she was making.

The article tells the tale of the recently settled case of the Star Wars kid.

How do you figure that a case settled out of court after all the evidence that originated on the Internet was ruled inadmissible is good news for cyber bully victims Val? The kid wasn't even alleging that he was bullied online, all the bullying was the good old fashioned taunting in the cafeteria and hallway kind.

I'm beginning to understand why there doesn't seem to be any history out there of Val debating anyone on any topic anywhere at anytime, it clearly isn't her forte. Try to stay on point Val. Argue why you don't think that adults should be allowed to listen to what they choose to in the privacy of their own homes without governmental interference and leave the schoolyard bullying to some principal somewhere.


Gwenhwyfar said...

Can we just donate this woman to the US or something?

Jason Doan said...

I'd be cooler with just donating her to someplace like Turkey or Yemen. Let her spend a year in a society run with the kinds of media restraints she so passionately argues in favour of and perhaps she'll come back here and apologize profusely.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Ha! With any luck at all, they'd stone her in the streets for being to readical.