Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ask Jason Anything III: Answers

You guys came through in the last few hours and now I finally have some questions to answer so let's just jump right in.

What is your theory about sex live.
uhhh...I greatly prefer it to sex dead.
Where does all the white go when the snow melts
I believe it is harvested and used to cover the legs of the 80 year old men in shorts I see every time I go to the mall.
What would you do for a klondike bar?
I would graciously decline the klondike bar, still sticking to the diet.
Oh do you get a dog to stop eating electronic devices...ex. cell phones, cd players, key fobs, etc. If you can answer that with something that works, you are my new hero.
Would obedience school be an option perchance? If not might I suggest not leaving things that you don't want eaten where the dog can reach them?
What is one plus one?
Why Do word verification have to be so darn difficult to read?
The thing is, they don't have to be. They only have to be in a picture to stop the automated spammers. A simple English word displayed the same way would serve the same purpose. My guess is that they are just trying to dupe you into thinking they are doing more to prevent spamming than they actually are.
Assuming the existance of God is George Bush the penalty for our sin or the reward for our goodness?
Ahhh a mixing of politics and religion, always fun subjects to combine. I'm sure that George would tell you that he was the latter as he does seem to believe himself to be an outstanding example of virtue and morality, but does a virtuous and moral person lead a crusade against a vastly overpowered foe for no apparent reason whatsoever? I would like to think not. But is he evil? I don't believe that to be case either. I think of him as a simple person easily swayed by those around him. So I'm going to have to cop out a little on your Question Dr. John and say that he is neither. Dick Cheney on the other hand...Well, he makes me glad I live in Canada.

Well that's all that was in the mailbag this week. I hope everyone is enjoying reading these as much as I am writing them.

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carrie said...

your answer to the first question would've made me spit milk through my nose if i'd've been drinking any at the time.