Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Impressions

Things I like about the new version of Blogger:
  • Labels. Now if you want to see all the posts I've ever made on a topic you just need to click on that label and they will all be neatly arranged on one page for you. Well, they will be once I go back and label all of my old posts, 50 down...200 to go.
  • Layouts. So much easier to edit than the old templates. A great WYSIWYG interface for changing fonts and colours makes it easy to play with changing the look of your blog. A nice drag and drop interface for arranging information on your blog, and a much more user friendly system for adding links.
  • No more republishing of the entire blog every time you post. Click on publish and the post is up, no waiting.
  • Love the new spellchecker, that highlights words in the composer window instead of opening a popup.

Things I dislike about the new version of Blogger:

  • Limited selection of layouts, and they all look the same.
  • Can't define the widths of the columns on your layout, I'm back to a 2 column setup that is wasting a ton of space.
  • Can't currently use a graphic as your header. Come on people, I slaved away in Photoshop for 3 straight minutes to build my logo.

So basically all of my dislikes will go away once they allow users to edit their HTML, as I could fix all of those problems by doing a little bit of coding myself. All in all they seem to have greatly improved from the previous version.

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