Monday, August 28, 2006

A weekend of firsts.

Did a couple of things I'd never done before this weekend (get your minds out of the gutters you sickos).

On Friday myself and she who can't be named on this blog took in our first horse show, uhhh, as spectators not as horses. There was some nice looking horses, but for the cost of buying an Arabian horse I'd much rather buy a Ferrari.

Saturday saw us attend the first ever Tequila Tasting held at Bushwakker, my favourite pub. I'm not really a connoisseur of tequila, I like it but I can't pontificate on it for hours on end like I can with scotch or beer. I liked most of the tequilas that we sampled, but my favourite of the night was the Cabo Wabo Resposado. The only one I hated was the Mezcal de Oaxaca Scorpion which to me smelled like Parmesan cheese and had a taste I could only describe rancid ass. Oh well you can't like everything I suppose, but it did shock me when the master of ceremonies commented that it was the one that was most highly rated by whichever rating guide they were using that night. She who can not be named in this blog ate the scorpion out of one of the bottles.

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