Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another long post about not much...

Let me start off by wishing all of my fellow Canucks a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all got to gorge yourself as much as I did.

And away we go...

TV (spoilers ahead)
Boston Legal - Wow, didn't see the ending coming. I hope that this isn't the beginning of the end for Betty White's character, she is such a great foil for both Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt. Hopefully the Black Widow will knock off another hubby, can there ever be too much Heather Locklear on TV?
Lost - Another episode that I felt was a little lacking in excitement...Maybe it was all the flashback segments with Locke. Locke on the island seems like an interesting character. Locke in the real world, not so much. It will be interesting to see what happens when they eventually miss entering the numbers in time.
CSI:NY - Another solid episode. Not as good as last week but still top notch. This is one of those shows I wish had a new episode on everyday.
CSI - I finally caught up! Unfortunately it was sort of a mixed blessing as the first episode I hadn't seen was last season's season finale. Quentin Tarantino is a master and that was 2 of the best hours of TV I ever remember seeing. The scenes with Nick trapped in the coffin were so claustrophobic that they were hard to watch. George Eads deserves some sort of award for conveying how shitty it must be to get buried alive by some psychopath. In comparison this seasons first 3 episodes have been a little bit bland.
Smallville - Ho Hum, back to the previous seasons pattern of Freak of the Week with little or no motivation. This time we get something a little different as Clark has to out think his adversary instead of just punching him through the side of a barn, but still. It was worth watching this episode just to see Clark finally crack Lex across the jaw, damn that guy needs a serious beating.
Whew, that's a lot of TV.
As you all can see from the post before this one, I'll be playing in PokerStars blogger championship. It's an online freeroll with a trip to play in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament as first place. However if I can't finish in first I hope to finish a few tables from the top. I already have a monitor I'm quite happy with and have no real interest in an X-Box 360, but I've been jonesing pretty badly for one of those swanky new iPod Nano's to load up with podcasts.
Week one of playing all of my real money poker in live cash games went quite well I'm pleased to report.
I played 2 fairly short sessions this week, both in $5/$10 games with a kill. On Thursday night I played for 2 and a half hours against a table made up mostly of regulars whom I've played a lot both in tournaments and cash games, a lot of whom I have fairly good reads on before I sit down. The game featured 3 players that are know to play quite loose, 2 of whom I had position on almost every hand. I finished the evening $155 to the good, not bad for under 3 hours work but it is of course a win rate I know isn't actually sustainable over a statistically significant number of hands.
Saturday night I went and played for another 2 and a half hours and was fortunate to play against what is basically a dream table of opponents. I'd never actually played against any of the players in this game before and in fact didn't even recognize most of them. I'm pretty sure atleast 3 of the players were in a casino card room for the first time in their lives and with only one exception out of our starting 10 players all of the players at this table were very very weak. I wish I could play against this table every night and that none of them ever develop their skills further than they are now. Ended the night $250 up.
Hopefully I'll have more free time this week and can get in a few longer sessions.
If ever you are in Regina the place to go for quality brew is Bushwakker. The first Friday night of every month is "First Firkin Friday" for which they bring out a small keg of beer which is only available for that night. This week featured Mitch's Deadhead Red a variation on their very popular Dungarvon Irish Red suped up by new brewmaster Mitch.
The night also saw my first experience with bartender Scott's new creation, which we have dubbed Jagerilla, 2 shots of Jagermeister in a pint glass of their homebrew sarsaparilla, mmm mmm good.
I had planned on posting some pictures from the evening but they turned out a little fuzzy, that's drunken camera work for ya.
All was not well for the beloved hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders this week as they played host to the Montreal Alouettes. A very close game basically came down to one huge play. trailing by a point with less than 2 minutes left in the game we had the Al's backed up 2nd and 30 deep in their own end and our usually impeccable defense chose that moment o lay a huge egg and give up a 65 yard passing play that all but ended the game. Oh well it was a fun 5 game winning streak while it lasted.
Now I have to try and avoid choking on my own vomit on Monday when I'll be forced to cheer for the much hated Toronto Argonauts as they host the Edmonton Eskimos. An Argo win means that we maintain our 2nd place tie with the Eskimos and are inching closer to a home playoff game.
Enough for now.

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