Monday, October 31, 2005

I like play pokah, pokah is nice....

It looked like it was going to be a bad week on the green felt but all turned out well.

Played Wednesday night, managed to lose $200 fairly quickly. Looked like I might be in for another bad week. Bought back in for another $200 and more or less stagnated around $150 in front of me for the next 2 hours or so and then bang bang bang, 3 good pots in a row and I'm back up to a little better than even on the night and decide it would be best to not tempt the poker gods anymore for the evening. $44 to the good.

Went back and played Thursday night and got off to a fast start, flopped a straight on the 3rd hand of the night to take down a fairly big kill pot that put me up close to $200. Then from there it looked like my fortunes were changing for the worst again, hand after hand I'd start with the best cards and get outdrawn. Finally I decided I'd had enough and was about to leave about $50 ahead, but then changed my minded and opted to play one last orbit. That was a good decision, as I took down the next 2 pots in a row which put me back up over $200.

Saturday, the casino was hosting a satellite tournament to win seats in their $1000 buy in event on November 12th. Buy in for the Satellite was $110. Both me and my dad played but neither of us had any luck in the tourney so it was off to the poker room for some $5/$10 action. Dad got there a while before I did and was playing when I got to the room. I only had to wait 20 minutes or so for a seat to open up. Didn't have much luck in the first seat I was in and managed to get stuck about $75 in 20 minutes or so, but then a seat opened up at the other table, where my dad was playing so I decided to see if my luck was better over there. Sure enough first hand I sit down for is a kill pot, I get dealt AJ in middle position and limp in, a couple of others limp as well and we see a flop of J73. I'm pretty happy with this flop and also happy that the guy who is first to act bets. I'm next to act and raise, one caller behind me and the original better also calls. Turn is a Q. First position checks and I bet, guy behind me raises and the guy in first position folds. Now, I've played a lot of hands with the raiser and I know that he has a tendency of overplaying a lot of marginal hands. I'm pretty sure my jacks are good here but I can't be certain that he doesn't have something like QJ or even J7 so I just call. River is a brick, I'm first to act and just check, villain quickly throws a bet into the pot and I go into the tank, studying him. He definitely doesn't look very comfortable, and I know that he isn't good enough to be trying to give off a false tell so I call and he swears under his breath as he flips up AK, woohoo, first hand at the new table and I'm back above even.

From there I more or less took control of a fairly weak table, If I told you how many times I got paid off on the river by someone with A high or 3rd pair you wouldn't believe me. There were multiple people in the game who would call bets all the way to the river with almost nothing and didn't seem to have any concept of things like starting hand values. I left after about 4 hours or so, up about $340.

This new part time job is working out good so far, for the month I'm up about 4 big bets an hour, where else could I find a job that paid that well where I get to set my own hours?

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