Sunday, October 02, 2005


So my current addiction is downloading and listening to internet radio shows and I figured I'd share some of my favourites with anyone who might have accidentally stumbled across this blog while looking for something more interesting to read.

Diggnation - Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, who were both on air personalities on TechTV before G4 sucked the soul out of what was a great TV station, host a weekly show where they drink beer and discuss the top stories from

TWiT - This Week in Tech also harkens back to the days when TechTV was good. Leo Laporte hosts a weekly show about all things tech with a revolving panel of co-hosts including John C. Dvorak, Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton, etc.

Fan Boy Radio - An always excellent, hour long, weekly show about all things related to comics. They have some truly outstanding interviews with some of the biggest names in the field.

Rounders - The best poker show I've found. Recent guests have included T.J. Cloutier, Chris Ferguson and Mike Matusow.

Does anyone have suggestions of other shows I should kill time at work listening too?

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