Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mental dump...

So much to cover, man I should update this more often.



Boston Legal - I simply can't get enough of this show. This is William Shatner at his finest, and his interaction with James Spader is the best on TV. They both greatly deserved the Emmys that they recently won.

Lost - Well that was a much better episode than last weeks. I don't know why but I just couldn't get into last weeks episode, it just seemed really flat to me. This week was completely different, it had me sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time. The scenes with Michael and Sawyer on the raft were amazing. I can't wait for this weeks episode and more details on who the guys with the clubs are. My guess is leaning towards them being descendants of the crew and slaves of the Black Rock, of course my track record for guessing things on this show is pretty weak, so I'll probably be completely wrong.

CSI: NY - Great. Perfect. Consistently one of the highest quality shows on TV and hopefully this season doesn't suffer from the dreaded sophomore jinx.

CSI - Still haven't started to watch this seasons episodes...maybe I'll just keep saving them up so I have something to watch next summer :P Ok, Ok, OK, I'll try my best to catch up this week.

Smallville - Wooohoo. Now that's jam packed season premiere. The Fortress of Solitude is created. Clark finds out Chloe knows his secret. Clark and Lana look like they are headed back into relationshipland. Lionel is coocoo for Coco-puffs. Oh, and then there is all the stuff that happens in the other 75% of the episode. This is looking like it could be a great season.

Whew...I'm kind of glad that my other 2 favourite shows, The Shield and 24 won't be on for awhile, it's hard enough keeping up with these.


Well, I think it finally happened. The morons have spoiled online poker for me. I accept the fact that bad beats happen, but lately online it hasn't been so much about the bad beats as it has the COMPLETELY RETARDED beats. I can handle situations like having AA cracked by KK, that's no big deal, it happens. Lately however I just can't figure out what the fuck some of these morons are thinking and why it's working for them. I've had people call off their entire stacks preflop with K7 suited against my KK only to have the flop come down 977, the case K doesn't fall and I am done. I've had AA run down by A6 suited, AK cracked by a smaller A more times than I an count. And it's not like these have been in $1 Sit n' Go's, it's been in $22 or $33 multitable tournaments with prizepools well into the thousands of dollars.

So, I cashed out all the money I had remaining online (except a few dollars so I can still play the occasional tournament with the friendly folks from and am going to play exclusively live face to face poker against actual people. I'll update my progress here.


It's like Christmas came early and I got everything on my list!

A Hamilton win against the Eskimos? Check.
A Montreal win against the Stamps? Check.
The Riders ending BC's 15 month home winning streak? OH HELL YA.

A Rider team that most (including me) had all but written off 6 short weeks ago as being done has turned things around nicely and after a 5 game winning streak sit in a 2nd place tie with Edmonton, one game ahead of Calgary. Hold on to your hat's folks, the season is far from over and things are just heating up.

This week let's hope for:

A Rider win at home versus the Alouettes
A Toronto win at home against the Esks.
A BC loss in Winnipeg. (a guy can dream can't he?)

Ok, enough for now...more some other time.

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