Monday, October 17, 2005

Another week on the felt

And the hot streak continues, man is it going to suck when the bubble bursts and I have a losing session, but at least I've gotten myself far enough ahead that I can drop a few buyins when I run cold and not have it be disastrous.

Played 3 sessions this week all 5/10 with a kill:

Wednesday night I played about 3 hours in a game that featured a few of the regulars and was rounded out by some tourists, one from Saskatoon and the rest from the US, who were up here on a hunting trip. Played well all session but didn't hit a whole lot of playable hands but the ones I did get I think I milked for as many chips as possible. Ended up booking a $170 profit.

Thursday night I played for about 2 and a half hours and got smacked in the face with the deck the whole time. Have a pocket pair? Flop a set. Have suited connectors? Flop a straight flush draw and finish either the flush or the straight on the turn. Flop a set? Have 3 other people flop straights and fill the pot with money for when the river finishes off my boat. It was pretty sick. Finished the night $430 to the good.

Saturday afternoon is the session of the week I'm most proud of and it's not because I made the most money (it was my worst session of the week in that regard) or because I made some brilliant plays (everything was done very straight forward this time out). It's because this is the session where I show how much I've improved my discipline. I started out the session catching good cards and decent flops but someone was always outdrawing me on the river and taking the pot away. In the first hour or so I managed to get myself stuck $151. There was a time when I might have gone on tilt and played fast and loose with the $49 I had left in front of me trying to get back what I had lost as quickly as possible, but that time is not now. I stayed focused and folded and folded and folded until I did eventually look down and find AK of clubs. I got a couple of clubs on the flop and finished my flush on the turn and managed to take down a pot that put me back to within $30 of being even. From there I continued to play my best and ended up making about $120 in 4.5 hours (I feel this is probably about what I should be making in his particular game).

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