Monday, October 24, 2005

F**kin' Zebras

The CFL has the worst officiating of any professional sports league, this should be an undeniable fact. But even by CFL standards, Dave Yule and his crew of morons should be ashamed of their performance in the Saskatchewan/Calgary game this afternoon.

Several incredibly bad calls killed any hope the Riders had of pulling out a victory against the hated Stamps today. Now don't get me wrong here, the Riders didn't do themselves any favours by not bothering to score any points in the entire 2nd half, but it is pretty hard to develop any momentum when the officials seem to have money on the other team.

Apparently it is now a penalty in the CFL to pat an opposing player on the head after a play, unnecessary roughness. Of course out of the several times that this happened in the game it was only called once - to extend a Calgary drive.

The referees are also now clairvoyant, once a player is hit, there is simply no need to wait and see if he is going to go down, might as well just blow the whistle now instead of letting the opposing team scoop up the ball he just fumbled and return it for a touchdown.

Intentional grounding? What's that? Apparently in the CFL you can't get called for it as long you have a receiver in the same stadium as your QB.

It's been bad all year but this game takes the cake. Heads should roll, but they won't. All will stay the same, because the CFL is just not proactive when it comes to improving the onfield performance of it's officials.

This is the avatar I'll be using on all the football forums I post on for the next while.

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